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Ingresso sede scientifica Ingegneria

The Department of Engineering and Architecture is a scientific and didactic structure of the University of Parma. Its goal is to promote and enhance the aggregation of scientific areas into groups which are homogeneous by purposes and/or research methods and teaching activities, as well as in the relating courses.

The department mission includes training and knowledge dissemination in the areas of engineering and architecture. Knowledge is developed through an intense research activity and an articulated and complete course offer. The course offered are designed and implemented in agreement with the main stakeholders, in particular students, private companies, public bodies, research centers, and as part of a process of progressive internationalization of activities. The department also pursues quality assurance procedures for administrative action, research, teaching and third mission, promotes sustainability in the territory and contributes to its socio-economic growth.

From a strategic point of view, the department aims to become a center of excellence at scientific and educational level, able to pursue a quality policy in the performance of its core activities, as well as an important interlocutor in its main areas of expertise for the competitive development of the territory. The key pillar of the department is its propensity for both basic and applied research, technology transfer and training of professionals and researchers (engineers and architects) who will excel in the world of work, be able to contribute to the evolution of the local, but also Italian, European and international industry, and to the dissemination of knowledge and technical and scientific culture.

The Department ensures and promotes the independency of professors in their autonomy to organize, prepare and carry out activities related to research and to access funding directly; it also promotes quality assurance (QA) in teaching and research/third mission activities.

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